Static Analysis vs. Statistical Defect Prediction Dataset

Thanks for your interest in our dataset.

It's pretty simple, really.

Just go to this directory, and download all the files therein. Together, these files constitute a SQL dump. Cat them together in alphabetical order, and there's your SQL dump. You can use it reconstruct the database.

We think the data is reasonably self-explanatory. If we find the resources, I'll try and create some documentation. If you manage to document it, please send your docs over, and I'll put it here, with universal gratitude.

wget is your friend. We won't stop you from doing that.

WARNING: Each file is a giga byte. There are 85 of them. If the traffic on the little mac serving this dump gets excessive, I'll have to seek other solutions. I, um, welcome support to serve this data.

Problems? Please email Prem Devanbu.